The Multi Mission Coast Guard Vessel (OPV-600) designed by RMK Marine has an overall length of 66 meters and a breadth of 10.5 meters. She has a full load displacement of 700 tons. The maximum speed of the ship is 28+ knots with 3XMDEs. The main propulsion system consists of three diesel engines (MDE), 3 reduction gears, 3 shafts and 3 fixed propellers. The maximum cruising range of the OPV is 2000 NM at an economical speed of 15 knots.

The endurance of the ship is 14 days without replenishment with 25 personnel (up to 53 with special forces + 4 helo personnel). Multi-Mission OPV is capable of achieving surface warfare, air warfare, shore bombardment in addition to surveillance/reconnaisance/patrolling operations, anti-smuggling, protection of maritime resources and law enforcement withing the territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

OPV-600, with its RHIB built-in its specialy designed stern-ramp, offers Special Forces the capability to rapidly deploy for the operations. OPV-600 can perform vertical replenishment and helicopter operations (the Helicopter has maximum weight of 10 tons) with its Helo Deck.

RMK Marine design could be easily configured in accordance with the operational requirements of the Client with different combinations of the below weapon and sensor systems.

Weapons: • Complete SSM System with 2 X double launchers. • Complete SAM System (including fire control system) with quadruple launchers. • 1 x 76 mm (single) with associated fire control system having local and remote firing facilities. • 3 x 12 mm Heavy Machine Guns.

Sensors: • Integrated Combat Management System • 1 X Search & Surveillance Radar • 1 X Fire Control System (Radar) • 1 X Electro Optical Director • Decoy Dispensing System