The Corvette designed by RMK Marine has an overall length of 85 meters and a breadth of 12.5 meters. She has a full load displacement of 1600 tones. The maximum speed of the ship is 26+ knots with CODOE configuration and 22+ knots with CODAD configuration. In CODAD version; the main propulsion system consists of two diesel engines, two reduction gears, two shafts and two controllable pitch propellers. In CODOE version; the main propulsion system consists of a PTI/PTO electric motor in addition to those in CODAD configuration.

The maximum cruising range of the corvette is 2500 NM at an economical speed of 16 knots. The endurance of the ship is 30 days without replenishment with (45+12) personnel.

Main task functions of the Corvette class ship are to provide a real time tactical picture via surveillance, patrol and reconnaissance functions to maintain a control at seas through destruction and/or neutralization of enemy targets at surface, underwater and air.

Secondary mission capabilities of the Corvette are intelligence gathering, execution of naval-air operations, electronic and acoustic warfare, search and rescue operations, protection against asymmetrical threats, protection of sea trade traffic, supporting amphibious operations and training.

RMK Marine's Corvette can also be customized for various combinations of capabilities along with different propulsion systems.

The corvette has been installed by following weapon and sensor systems that can be customized in accordance with clients' needs.



  • Complete SSM System with 2 X double launchers.
  • Complete SAM System (including fire control system) with quadruple launchers.
  • 1 x 76 mm (single) with associated fire control system having local and remote firing facilities.
  • 2 x 30 mm Guns interfaced with combat management system.
  • 2 x 12 mm Heavy Machine Guns.
  • Anti Submarine Weapon System.

  • Sensors:
  • Integrated Combat Management System
  • 1 X Air/Surface Surveillance Radar
  • 1 X Fire Control System (Radar)
  • 1 X Electro Optical Director
  • 1 X EW System
  • 1 X Hull Mounted SONAR
  • 2 X Target Designation Sight (TDS)