The Landing Platform Dock (LPD) designed by RMK Marine has an overall length of 200 meters and has a breadth of 34 meters. The draught of the ship is 7 meters with her full load displacement of 25,000 tones. The maximum speed of the ship is 22 knots for the CODAD configuration. The main propulsion system consists of two diesel engines, two reduction gears, two shafts and two controllable pitch propellers.

The maximum cruising range of the LPD is 7000 NM at an economical speed of 16 knots. The endurance of the ship is 21 days with a complement of 1070 personnel.

  • Landing Platform/Dock (LPD) designed to have the main task functions of "Transferring of Forces" and "Amphibious Operations" has been fully equipped for the headquarter personnel whom shall be managing those operations.
  • Landing Platform/Dock (LPD) has the capabilities in terms of operational speed and agility, by transferring the amphibious vessels; LCM, LCAC, LCVP and AAVs to the operation region.
  • LPD has the necessary landing/takeoff and deployment capabilities/facilities for helicopters and tilt-rotor aircrafts which are providing air support in Amphibious Operations.
  • LPD is also designed for providing support in humanitarian aids such as disaster relief and peacekeeping support operations.
LPD has the following capabilities:

  • Platform for 4 x 35 ton Helicopter (simultaneous operations)
  • Hangar for 6 x Sea Hawk or 4 x Merlin Helicopters
  • 2 Vehicle Decks For 90+ Vehicles (13 x Main Battle Tanks, 27 x AAVs, 21 x APCs, 30+ Misc.); Total Parking Area 2800 m2
  • Vehicle Decks are Suitable for the Stowage of Sea Hawk and Attack Helikopters
  • Vehicle Lift SWL : 30 Ton
  • Helicopter Lift SWL : 15 Ton
  • Welldock For 4 x LCMs or 2xLCACs
  • Stb. And Port Davits For 2 x LCVPs
  • Deck Crane 30 Tonnes @ 12m
  • Stern Ramp/Door - SWL : 60 Tones
  • Side Ramp/Door - SWL : 60 Tones
The Landing Platform Dock vessel has the following weapons and sensors configuration:
  • 2 x 40 mm gun
  • 2 x CIWS
  • 3 x 12,7 mm stabilized machine gun
  • Search and Surveillance Radar
  • Electro Optical Director
  • Fire Control Radar
  • Chaff Decoy
  • Electronic Support Measure System (ESM)