General Information

RMK Marine offers turnkey solutions in the following areas:
  • Commercial and Naval vessels of up to 28.000 DWT and 196 meters
  • Aluminum and steel superyachts up to 80 meters
  • Composite superyachts up to 40 meters
RMK Marine, as a private shipyard having one of the largest areas in Turkey has the following basic infrastructure:
  • Total Land Area: 95.243 m²
  • Closed Area: 30.746 m²
  • Annual steel processing capacity 6.069 tons//year
  • Slipway: 170 m x 60 m
  • Hydraulic Lift with Rubber Wheels With High Shears: 1x40 tons, 1x100 tons, 1x320 tons (for Yachts and small scale vessel transportation)
  • Slipway Crane: 2 x 80 t
  • Mobile Slipway: 60 x 15m (For yachts up to 4.5 m draft and 855 tons weight)
  • 200 m x15 m outfitting pier


Covered Production Halls

Production is realized in covered production halls in order to minimize environmental effects which allows for a high quality product.

CNC Cutting Hall

There are 2 underwater plasma cutting and 1 flamed plate cutting bench CNC underwater plasma cutting equipment, both to be CNC controlled.

Press Hall

• There are 1x600 t, 2x150 t steel plate bending press and 1 profile bending bench in order to produce bended blocks and 1 eccentric press and 1 upcut shear in order to open corner to profiles.

Piping Hall

It enables to produce the needed pipes and shaping them. There are 1 CNC pipe bending bench able to bend pipes up to maximum 4 inches, 2 band saws and 1 collar opening machine.

Outfitting and Machining Production Hall

In this hall where outfitting items and machining productions are made, there are 1 band saw, 3 lathe workbenches, 3 radial drills, 1 pillar drilling, 1 milling machine and 1 planning machine.

Block Paint Hall

• The dimensions are 26 m x 20 m x 12 m. In this hall, the scraping and paint applications of the ship blocks are performed, after they are equipped, but before they are transported to the slipway.