“T.AYLIN” first of the world’s two greatest asphalt tankers having independent cargo tanks from hull structure, was delivered on January 28th, 2015.  
Both of the 19000 DWT asphalt tankers, T.Esra and T.Aylin, were built by RMK Marine, one of Koç Holding’s company which is active in commercial and military vessels and super-yacht sector. These vessels have the capacity to carry 18,000 m3 of oil products and asphalt products at 250C with twelve tanks. T.ESRA and T.AYLIN are 156,5 m long and designed as single-screw and powered by the two-cycle engine of 5600 kW.
T.ESRA and T.AYLIN vessels are the greatest asphalt tankers in the world having cargo tanks independent from hull structure and proudly they were built by RMK Marine.
The vessel is designed as single-screw asphalt/oil tanker capable of cruising for 27 days uninterruptedly. She is capable to carry oil products (FP above 60C) and asphalt/bitumen with at 250C. Cargo area comprises double bottom and sides as ballast tanks, one continuous main deck, four (4) independent cargo tank blocks and two (2) cargo pump rooms. The overall hull structure including cargo tanks were analyzed by FEM tools for safety and weight optimization.