The Fast Attack Craft designed by RMK Marine has an overall length of 42 meters and a breadth of 6,8 meters. The draught of the ship is less than 2 meters. She has a full load displacement of 240 tones. The maximum speed of the ship is 35+ knots with the propulsion system consisting of three high speed diesel engines, three reduction gears, three shafts, two steerable and one booster type water-jets. The conventional type of propulsion system can be also provided for lower speeds.

  • This 42 m stealth Fast Attack Craft is designed to carry out surveillance, patrol, intelligence gathering, search and rescue tasks and engagement of enemy forces in international and coastal areas.
  • FAC is designed as a high speed, multi-role platform able to operate in both anti-surface and anti-air combat situations via installed missiles.
  • Advanced stealth technology is incorporated into its design to minimize radar signature.
  • Its aluminum structure enables to reduce infra-red, and magnetic signatures all of which significantly reduces the possibility of detection.
  • With its specifically designed stern-ramp, law enforcement units (special forces i.e.) can be deployed with an organic RHIB.

The maximum cruising range of the FAC is 2000 NM at an economical speed of 15 knots. The endurance of the ship is 7 days with a complement of 12 personnel.

The all sensor and weapon systems can be customized along with the Clients' needs.